Class Room

Classrooms are meant to provide the conductive environment for learning. In BPIBS, Class rooms are large and capable of accommodating a large number of students without cramping. They are surrounded by large spacious verandahs for students to move and breathe freely. Faculty is dedicated to make classroom learning and transfer of knowledge dynamic and focused.


To aid the faculty and make classroom learning interesting and for better understanding by students, in BPIBS Classrooms are equipped with Overhead LCD Projectors, Slide Projectors.

To carve out the professionals from the students and make them aware of corporate world and its scenario, classroom faculty is obliged to focus on problem raising and solving methodologies. Classrooms like all other sections of BPIBS are connected to internet and intranet. One HP-Pavilion Pentium-4 desktop is provided in each classroom. Maximum interaction between the faculty and the students is always the preference at BPIBS.

Images of Class Room





Last Updated Date :- 20-04-2019

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